Local Marketing Services

So you’re thinking about investing in marketing services to grow your business. But you probably have a lot of great questions such as “what is an effective advertising budget?”, “which strategies are working best for local businesses right now?” and “what is a fair price to pay for these services?”.

This list below goes over all of our local marketing services in more detail. It will break down your options to help you find the right tactics that align with your marketing goals and budget.

If you’d like, you can also get a free local marketing evaluation and proposal. Simply send us a little bit of information about your business and goals. Then we take the time to complete the research and put together the ultimate marketing evaluation. This evaluation will include a list of recommendations, competitor research, and so much more!  



Local Google Ads

One of the first services that most local businesses will invest in is Google Search Advertising. It is the fastest way to get in front of people searching for your company’s products and services. For example, if you are a dentist, you want people to find you when they are searching Google using keywords like “dentist near me” or “best dentist.” This marketing tactic runs on a “pay-per-click” model, meaning that you only have to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. 

One of the reasons that Google Search Ads are so effective is that you are catching a potential customer right when they have a need and are looking for a solution. Since Google Ads are highly targeted, in return, they are one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, but also one of the most competitive. There might be 5,10,20 other businesses in your city that are all competing and advertising for the same keywords. Your competitors want those people searching to find their business, so how do you stick out and make this an effective form of advertising? 

There are hundreds of factors that play a role in Google Ads working well for your business. The most critical factors are researching keywords/competitors/geography, creating a campaign strategy, writing compelling ads that stand out, and building targeted pages on your website. You want to entice people to take action and contact your business, so the ad itself and the page they view the offer on are equally important. 

Since there are so many different factors that determine your campaigns’ success, most business owners prefer to hire a company to create and manage their Google Ads. If you’re not an expert, it is easy to spend money on this platform and not get anything back. Hiring an agency can also increase your return on investment. They optimize your campaigns to make them run more efficiently and get you more new customers, patients, or clients in the door. That said, buying a marketing service isn’t always a good investment. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer Google Advertising services. Still, many don’t truly understand how to build and manage campaigns for local businesses that effectively grow your business.

Interested in starting Google Ads, or are you looking for better results from your campaigns? We can create a free custom evaluation and proposal for your business. It will highlight competitor research, keywords, provide a current assessment, a recommended strategy, and more.


Local SEO

Another popular marketing service for local businesses is search engine optimization, better known as “local SEO.” What exactly is local SEO, how does it work, and is it a good marketing investment? 

Local search engine optimization is the tactic used to get your business’s website ranking higher in local search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These results are called “organic search results” and are different from paid search engine advertising, such as Google Ads. With paid search advertising, advertisers can pay to show up on the top of search results. Google will label their listing as an “Ad,” and they have to pay each time someone clicks their listing. Organic search results run on search engine algorithms. Therefore you can’t pay to be listed at the top of these results. 

Local search algorithms consider hundreds of ranking factors; in fact, Google uses over 200 elements when determining what websites should show at the top of their search results. Search engines like Google want to show their users the highest quality search results so that users keep coming back and using their search engine. Local SEO services help optimize your website for these ranking factors. In return, Google and other search engines see your website as of higher quality and a more favorable search result.

All local search engine optimization packages are not equal. In fact, this is one form of digital marketing where the return on investment that you receive will one hundred percent rely on the company that you use. With local SEO, you are not spending advertising dollars on a platform. Instead, you are solely paying a service fee to a marketing company. They determine what is best to spend their time working on each month. SEO is such a popular and highly requested service among local businesses. Therefore virtually every marketing company seems to sell these services, even if they don’t honestly know how to rank websites in local search results.

Overall local SEO is one of the best investments you can make if you find the right vendor or even learn some SEO yourself. SEO is such a popular marketing service because once you get your website ranking at the top of Google, it is virtually free advertising for your business. When people in your geographic location search for products and services that you provide, your business will be one of the first options they see. Therefore, your website needs to be at the top of search results. Most of your competitors are fighting to rank in those top positions as well. Ranking on the top of Google isn’t easy, though. There are only ten organic listings on the first page of Google. The majority of people will only click on the first three search results. Achieving a page 1 ranking also takes a lot of time and effort. SEO is far from fast, and many businesses look at this as a longer-term marketing investment.

While SEO has its downsides, it is still one of our favorite marketing tactics for local businesses. In the long run, it generally provides the best return on investment. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, we can put together a free custom SEO analysis and strategic plan. You will receive research on keywords, website recommendations, competitive analysis, and more. We will also let you know the estimated investment for your business category and geographic location. 


Website Design and Management

Whether you need a website for your business, need a website redesign, or simply need help managing your website, you should know a few important things.

Every local business owner knows that they need a website. Still, most don’t know that they should have their website specifically built and designed to attract visitors and encourage them to contact your business. The marketing strategy that goes into your website is as, if not more important than the website design itself. Many local businesses don’t put much thought into their website’s marketing strategy. In return, once they finish their website, it never really serves its purpose or reaches its full potential.

Websites ideally should be well thought out and researched before the design phase. A few of the most important things to consider include the website’s structure, how it will reach your customers and make them take action and contact your business. Making sure there is a well-planned strategy behind the website will make it ten times more effective and, in return, will help take your business to new heights. For sure, your website’s design is critical as well. Still, people buy based on emotion and logic. The story you tell them and how they feel about your company is a lot more important than what they think of the website’s design elements.

Some of the most successful local businesses use their website as the primary source of generating new leads and customers! A website designed correctly can be your top sales generator, and the best part is it works for you 24/7, and you don’t have to pay it a salary. One way or another, you will be driving traffic to your website, whether that be through Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, etc. Every traffic source is different. Therefore, designing your website around your marketing strategy will play a massive role in your website’s overall success. Having a fast, user-friendly, and informative website will make all the difference. It will help your potential customers decide that you are the right fit for their needs. In return, your business will grow much faster. 

If you are interested in getting a website designed or redesigned and you’d like a free website proposal, simply give us some information about your business and goals. We will send you our website design proposal that includes recommendations, estimated costs, and more.


Social Media Advertising

It seems like almost everyone is active on at least one form of social media or another. People love spending their time on social media and are practically addicted to networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These social media networks are also one of the best places to reach your potential customers or clients. 

Most local businesses know how to create social media accounts and occasionally post on them, but most don’t use paid social media advertising! With paid social media, you can reach thousands of new people in your geographic area interested in your products or services. The targeting options are very detailed and specific (social networks like Facebook have tons of data about their users.) Therefore, it is much easier to use social media to acquire new customers without getting too expensive and unprofitable.

Truly effective social media advertising campaigns for brick and mortar businesses will require a few key components. 

The first thing that you need to think about is who you will be targeting. For example, a local hair salon might specifically target females aged 25-34 interested in fashion and are within a 3-mile radius of the salon. While a dentist looking for new patients might target people who recently moved and live within a 5-mile radius of their practice. Those are very low-level examples of targeting, but I think you get the idea. The key with your targeting is to consistently test different audiences to determine which perform best for your business and have the lowest cost per acquisition or (CPA.)

Okay, so you’ve determined your target audience. Now it’s time to try and create an irresistible offer. The ad is one of the only parts of your advertising campaign that the customer sees, so make sure they will be interested in it and stop scrolling to hear what you have to say. I’m sorry, but something like: “We have been in business for over 20 years, and our staff has multiple certifications” just isn’t going to cut it. Take time to think about what would catch someone’s attention, make them stop to read your ad, and then take action on your offer!

Of course, there is a lot more to social media advertising and making this tactic work well for local businesses. It can be challenging to succeed, but once you have an effective social media campaign, it will be a tremendous asset for your business. It will pay for itself many times over! One thing you don’t want to do is pay for a marketing service that simply reports on how many people viewed or clicked your ad. Truth be told. There are too many agencies out there that report only on these metrics to determine your campaign’s success. To make these ads work, you need to set up and measure conversion goals instead. For instance, measuring and reporting on people that filled out a form, called your business, or purchased something from you. These conversion insights are a lot more meaningful vs. how many people simply saw or clicked on your ad.

So if you weren’t already interested in testing social media advertising services for your local business, you are probably curious now. Let us know a little bit about your business here, and we’ll create a custom social media analysis. It will analyze what your competitors are doing, opportunities for your business, and more. This analysis is entirely free, and there are no strings attached.


Display and Banner Advertising

This marketing tactic usually isn’t first on the list for local businesses, and many don’t even know it exists. Maybe that’s what makes it such a good opportunity? The truth is that display and banner advertising can be tricky to master, especially for local businesses. Still, it can also be highly effective and a huge opportunity. For starters, here is a brief description of display/banner advertising and how it can be a beneficial strategy to add to your small business marketing plan.

You’ve probably seen those ads that appear on different websites when you’re browsing the internet, reading the news, or checking the weather? Plus, you most definitely have seen those ads that follow you around as well. Where you view a specific product, it seems to follow you around everywhere you go for quite a while. In most cases, those paid advertisements are targeted specifically for you. Those advertisements appear based on your interests, behavior online, location, and many other factors! These are considered display ads, otherwise known as image or banner ads. 

So how can this type of marketing be useful for a local business? With search advertising tactics such as search engine optimization and Google Search Ads, you try to reach a potential customer when searching and having a need. This tactic is great, but the downside is that they will also see all of your competitors when they are searching. When people see all of those options, it is more difficult to gain their attention. It can also get costly to advertise on search, as it is very competitive, and that’s where everyone wants to be.

On the other hand, display advertising reaches those people before they have an immediate need. In return, the conversion rates are much lower vs. a search advertising campaign but the cost to get in front of each person is also a lot less. The main benefit of display advertising is that you can get your service or product in front of many more people for a lower overall spend. Many of these people won’t be ready to contact your business, but a small majority of them will be. Plus, those who aren’t ready to buy immediately will have brand awareness of your company and be more likely to search for your brand name when they need your services.

Learn more about display and banner advertising for your local business or get your free display advertising strategy and analysis. The first step is to tell us some basic information about your business. The more specific you can be, the better the analysis and plan we can put together!) Once we receive your information, we will complete the research and send the proposal to you to review.


YouTube Advertising

YouTube is another great marketing opportunity for local businesses. One thing that is unique about YouTube is that it is a social media platform. Still, it’s also the world’s second-largest search engine. Advertisers can target visitors in their location by age, gender, interests, specific videos, video categories, and more. So why can YouTube advertising be such an effective marketing tactic, and will it work for any local business?

People love watching videos on YouTube, whether that be for entertainment purposes or to learn something new. Every time you view a YouTube video, you will see an ad before the video starts, in the middle of the video, or at the end. The creators that make these videos get paid by YouTube every time someone watches an ad on the creator’s channel or clicks-through to the advertiser’s website. YouTube is such a successful marketing platform because you, the advertiser, only get charged when someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video or clicks-through to your offer. Therefore you can reach thousands of people in your geographic area. Show them a video advertisement, and only get charged if they are interested in your business! Some of these people will take immediate action and check out your offer or contact your business. Even if they aren’t ready to buy today, they will still consider your business when they need your product or service.

YouTube advertising can be useful for any local business. Ads work well for service-based companies such as dentists, chiropractors, and electricians to entertainment businesses such as bars, restaurants, and attractions.

The marketing strategy for each of these businesses will be vastly different, but overall the concept for creating an effective YouTube advertising campaign is the same. Find your target audience, make a compelling offer and web page, set up analytics and tracking, then launch your campaign and monitor the results. Optimizing the campaign will be important in determining what ads, pages, videos, and placements are working best and driving results for your business.

If you’re excited about YouTube advertising and thinking about investing in a campaign, send us some information about your business, services, and goals. We’ll put together a free custom strategy plan and opportunity analysis for you.



Now that you’re more familiar with the best local marketing tactics and strategies try to think about which ones would be the best fit for your business. Even though it can seem like a significant investment, the good news is that you can get started implementing these campaigns with virtually any marketing budget.

If you are looking for help and are interested in our local business marketing services, we would love to learn more about you and your company. We can put together a customized analysis, plan, and proposal specific to your business.

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